Mr Kalpesh S PatelConsultant ENT/Specialist in Rhinoplasty

    Mr Kalpesh S Patel is the founder and director of the London ENT Clinic.  Mr Patel grew up in Highbury, having arrived from India at the age of four.  He attended Highbury Grove School and having an early ambition to be a surgeon, gained a place at St Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical College in London.  As an undergraduate, he was awarded the Sidney Scott Prize in Otolaryngology (Proxime Accessit).  He qualified as a doctor in 1984 and began his surgical career teaching anatomy and physiology at the University of St Andrews in Scotland.

    Following junior training posts in general surgery, neurosurgery and plastics, Mr Patel completed his higher surgical training in all aspects of ENT surgery initially at King’s College and subsequently at the Royal Marsden and St Mary’s Hospitals in London.  Mr Patel was appointed Consultant ENT surgeon in 1995 at St Mary’s and Ealing Hospitals.

    Following the merger of Charing Cross, Hammersmith and St Mary’s Hospitals, Imperial College Hospital’s NHS Trust was formed, creating the largest NHS Trust at the time and being UK’s first academic health science centre.

    During the first five years as a consultant, Mr Patel concentrated on major head and neck cancer surgery including post-ablative reconstructive procedures, rebuilding facial anatomy, and the functions of voice and swallowing.  Around the time of the millennium strategic health care changes resulted in such cases being concentrated at the Charing Cross side of Imperial College and Mr Patel began to develop his rhinology practice.  Mr Patel now is one of the leading rhinology surgeons in the UK with particular expertise in nasal surgery (rhinoplasty) for airway and aesthetic indications (nasal blockage, birth defects and posttraumatic nasal deformities).  Mr Patel receives referrals from GPs, consultants in ENT, plastics and maxillofacial surgery.

    Mr Patel was one of the first surgeons in the UK to adopt balloon sinuplasty technology, a new microinvasive technique to manage sinusitis particularly of the frontal sinus.

    Mr Patel has developed excellent working relations with allied specialists and experts, creating a network of talented individuals available for second opinions and often for joint consultations.  In addition to his clinical work, Mr Patel lectures on all aspects of nasal surgery and is often invited to give lectures at UK and international meetings.  In addition to this, Mr Patel runs a quarterly rhinoplasty forum.  This is an academic meeting attended by surgeons from all disciplines with an interest in rhinoplasty.  At this meeting, lectures are given by experts in the field, latest research in the field of rhinoplasty are presented and discussed, departmental research projects are evaluated, and recent cases are discussed and critically appraised by the attendees.  This is the only forum of its kind in the United Kingdom.

    Mr Patel has written over 30 peer-reviewed articles and two book chapters, most recently on functional rhinoplasty.  He continues to supervise his junior staff at St Mary’s in a variety of recent projects relating to the field of rhinology.  Currently research in the development of biomaterials for nasal reconstruction is being investigated. A new nasal care surgical pathway has been created, thereby collecting important information about patients undergoing nasal surgery.  This will provide a huge amount of data for future research and evaluation of techniques with patient outcome measures.