Jonny TurgelSpeech & Language Therapist

    Jonny Turgel qualified as a Speech & Language Therapist from UCL in 2014 where he was awarded an MSc in Speech and Language Sciences with distinction. During his training he was the recipient of the UCL Clinical Practice Prize for Excellence.

    Jonny is passionate about treating adults and children with a range of voice difficulties. He is accredited in numerous specialised methods including: Accent method (Diaphragmatic) breathing, Resonant Voice Therapy, Vocal Function Exercises, LSVT (Programme for Parkinson’s Disease), MLMT-Laryngeal Manual Therapy (Vocal massage for reducing tension).

    Jonny is also a professionally trained singer and is recognised as one of the UK’s leading Cantors. Over the past 15 years, Jonny has studied singing under various professors of voice from internationally recognised schools, following the traditional Bel Canto technique. More recently Jonny has begun to explore other more contemporary methods, drawing upon tools from different schools to shape his unique approach to voice training.

    Jonny now also runs a busy Voice Therapy and Training practice in North West London, specialising in rehabilitating the spoken and singing voice.