Some patients are however referred by other consultants who have seen the patient for either related or non-related conditions.

Many patients are recommended by previous patients of the London ENT Clinic, through the medical attaches of embassies or consulates. Increasingly patients are seeking medical advice with the use of the internet.

The London ENT Clinic is registered with all the United Kingdom insurance companies and therefore all medical fees should be reimbursed in full unless you have an existing excess arrangement or have already used up your outpatient benefit during previous medical treatment. Some insurance companies provide an authorisation code which usually means that all treatment costs for that particular episode will be covered. Please note that ultimately the you are liable to pay the costs of any treatment which are not covered by your insurance company.

Once a decision has been made to seek an opinion, you should always contact your insurance company to ensure that your level of cover will be adequate for your treatment.

Patients come to the London ENT Clinic by a variety of routes. Most commonly, patients are referred by their GP and they are advised to get a second opinion from Mr Kalpesh Patel at the London ENT Clinic. The patient’s involvement in this process is therefore critical as often, insurance companies will not entertain enquiries by third parties such as the administrative staff of the London ENT Clinic.

When you arrive for your consultation, you will be asked to complete a registration form. Please complete the form as fully as you can. Patients who have not been seen for some time can take this opportunity to ensure that their contact and insurance details are accurate and up to date. If your consultation is at one of the hospitals where Mr Patel consults, the hospital may also require you to complete a registration form. It is appreciated that this often involves repetition, but unfortunately hospital IT systems do not communicate with each other for confidentiality reasons and it is a legal requirement for all patients to be registered in their database.

Great efforts are made to keep appointments to time. However, the nature of medical practice is that some consultations can take much longer than can be anticipated and therefore appointment times cannot be guaranteed.

You may be asked to complete a medical questionnaire to aid the history taking process.

During your consultation, Mr Patel will take a thorough history of the presenting complaints and perform an examination. The examination will depend on the clinical needs and may involve more than one outpatient procedures. This can be done at the same time as the initial consultation, speeding up the diagnostic process.

After your consultation and examination, a management plan will be discussed. This may involve further diagnostic tests such as imaging (x-rays or scans), ultrasound with or without needle biopsy, blood tests, balance and hearing tests. Forms for these tests will be given to you and you will be told where these can be done. If your condition does not require further investigations, a prescription for any medical treatment can be given.

Please note that this will be a private prescription and some GP practices may not be able to convert these to the NHS ones.

Once you have had any tests done, please contact the London ENT Clinic office, preferably by email to arrange a follow up visit. Please remember that the results of any tests done can take time to become available and it is always worthwhile checking with the office staff if the results are ready to avoid an un-necessary visit. MRI results can take 2-3 working days whereas needle biopsy results can take as long as one week. At this follow up appointment, any imaging results can be discussed with you. Copies of all tests results can be given to you as requested. A treatment plan will be then suggested and if appropriate, operative solutions will be discussed in detail. Following such an operative procedure, you will be advised to come back for a follow up appointment. It is important that such appointments are kept to ensure that healing is taking place adequately and that complications can be avoided.

Please see downloadable flow chart of the patient pathway to help you navigate through the process.

Consultation Fees

The cost of an initial consultation is £220.00, and the cost of follow-up consultation is £170.

Outpatient Procedure Fees

Additional fees might be applied if any of the following procedures are performed at the outpatients setting during your consultation:

  • Ear Suction/Nasal Suction
  • Camera exam of sinuses
  • Camera exam of throat (pharynx)
  • Camera exam of voicebox (larynx)
  • Nasal Cauterisation

Please contact the office for pricing and more information or email

Hospital/clinic provider fees

Hospitals and clinics where the patients are seen may also make a charge for the use of the equipment and this is called a provider fee. Amounts may vary so please check this with our office or your insurance company.

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    Patient Feedback

    • I would highly recommend Mr Patel He is a fantastic surgeon who levels your expectations and does everything in his power to ensure your operation is successful.

      M D
    • First time I needed to see a specialist in the UK and I have to say that Mr. Kalpesh Patel is super professional and efficient. Clear communication and helpful.

    • Very tidy and clean environment with an amazing team to support the clinic. Mr. Patel which I met for the first time was kind and a good listener. Received a good diagnose and treatment. I highly recommend Mr Patel.

      Pedro Moura
    • I highly recommend Mr Patel to anyone having nose related problems. He is very experienced and extremely supportive throughout the whole process.

      Gustavo Sosa
    • I highly recommend Mr Patel. He and his staff were helpful and kind, and I left his office more knowledgeable and feeling better. Mr Patel explained the issue in simple terms using diagrams, but the best part about seeing him was the treatment and prescription he provided, which has given me immense relief. Thank you ever so much.

      Jigna Giga
    • I highly recommend Kalpesh Patel and his team. My son (4 years old) had sleep apnea due to his tonsils and from our consultation to surgery and post check up's he has been amazing. He was reassuring and provided all the information we needed as nervous parents. Highly recommend him.

      Jelilat Oyetunji
    • Superb, excellent, my mum was suffering from a bad ear ache and I called in the morning and he was fully booked but when I said it was an emergency and I need my Mum to be seen today as she wasn’t able to sleep for 2 days, he took that into consideration and said he would see her by noon, thankfully Mum was relived and happy with him, such a kind person and immediately diagnosed my mums problems on the spot, thank you so much Dr!

    • Excellent results and an efficient service. I would highly recommend

      George Barrow

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