Outpatient Procedures

1.  Endoscopy of the nose, throat and voice box
Following application of a local anaesthetic spray, the nasal passages, throat and voice box can be comprehensively examined with fibre opticoutpatient procedures
endoscopy.  The finding can often be photo-documented and downloaded onto a DVD for subsequent review. For insurance purposes, the procedure codes are E1780 (sinus endoscopy) and E3680 (throat endoscopy). Local anaesthetic application is AC100


2.Micro-suction of ear (aural toilet)
Many patients presenting with ear problems have a build-up of wax and debris in the ear canals.  These can be managed using a suction technique under microscopic guidance.  Once cleaned, the medicines can be applied to the ear as appropriate. The insurance code for this procedure is D0702


3.Nasal cautery
Nose bleeds are a common ENT problem.  The offending blood vessels can be cauterised using either silver nitrate chemical method or electrocautery, both under local anaesthetic. The procedure code for this is E0380


4.Audiology tests
Patients are usually sent to a local Audiology Department for hearing tests but occasionally middle ear pressure tests can be done in the office.  Dr Alam Hussain, who is part of the London ENT Clinic, can provide comprehensive audiovestibular function tests for patients with both hearing loss, tinnitus and dizziness.  Dr Hussain is a registered hearing aid dispenser and is also able to perform rehabilitation exercises for management of certain conditions which cause imbalance.


5.Wound debridement/dressing
Following a surgical procedure, the resulting surgical field may need cleaning and debris removed such as following sinus surgery.  This aids healing and prevents complications like the formation of scar tissue.


6.Grommet insertion
Adult patients with persistent fluid in the middle ear may need to have a  grommet inserted.  In selected patients, this can be done following application  of a local anaesthetic cream in the ear canal.  The grommet is inserted under microscopic control in a treatment room setting. The procedure code is D1510