The events leading up to a loss in hearing can be varied. The cause can sometimes be readily apparent, including an ear infection or the build up of wax along the external ear canal. Other times, there will be problems that need to be discovered via technology and a thorough examination. These are some of the top causes of hearing loss:

Ear Infection

Also known as otitis media, this is a condition where inflammation develops in the middle ear from an infection. This is the most common cause for loss of hearing in children, which occasionally impacts adults. Such infection can lead to a severe headache and eventual hearing loss, so immediate attention from a doctor will be the best course of action. With any damage due to an ear infection, there could be chronic or permanent loss of hearing.

Excessive Noise

Any repeated exposure to loud noise can lead to damage and problems with hearing over the long term. This excessive noise will damage your delicate hair cells that are found in the inner ear, often resulting in permanent loss of hearing or tinnitus, which is ringing in the ears. Dangerous, loud noise exposure includes the use of firearms, power tools, or attending dance clubs, music concerts, sporting events, etc.


Also known as presbycusis, this is a loss of hearing that will take place gradually in people as they get older, usually equally in both ears. Roughly 30 to 35% of the adult population between 60 to 75 years of age will have some loss of hearing, with about 50% of the people who are over the age of 75 having significant loss.


There are times when a blow to the head may change up the positioning of three bones that make up the middle ear, which is a condition known as ossicular dislocation. This can result in the sound not properly being sent into the inner ear. An injury may also cause a tympanic membrane perforation, or ruptured eardrum.

Regardless of what the causes may be for your hearing loss, it is always crucial that you address it as soon as possible. By getting in touch with us today, we will be happy to set you up with a time for a consultation to get to the bottom of the problem that you may be experiencing with your hearing. Your hearing is extremely important, so you need to care for it in order to enjoy it throughout your lifetime.