Strange Ear Symptoms

At some point, most everyone experiences some problem with their ears. If you have a constant ringing in your ears, muffled hearing, balance problems or fluid draining from your ears, you are not alone. There are certain strange ear symptoms that you can experience that can mean hearing loss or some other issue. It’s important […]

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Controlling Your Allergies: Managing Symptoms

Allergy symptoms are irritating and inconvenient, but they can also prevent you from living your life to the fullest. Allergy symptoms can be serious enough to leave you feeling sick constantly, but there are measures you can take at home to mitigate your symptoms.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

The key to preventing an allergy flare-up is […]

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All About Sinusitis

The sinuses are designed to keep the nasal cavities coated with mucus. This mucus traps dirt and microorganisms. If inflammation of the sinuses occurs, sinusitis could be responsible.

What is Sinusitis?

Sinusitis is the inflammation of the sinuses. This is generally the result of a blockage that creates a breeding ground for infection. The condition may be […]

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Swimming & Asthma

If you or your child has asthma, finding activities that do not put too much strain on the lungs can be difficult. This is especially challenging given the fact that asthma and allergies are often intertwined. Simply being outdoors can expose you to triggers like pollen and pollutants, making every day leisure activities tricky to […]

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Just Bad Breath? Or Something More?

If you’re human, chances are you’ve worried about your breath. More specifically, you’ve worried about making your breath smell better. There’s a whole market for it—from gum manufacturers to sprays to mints. And while some people can do simple things like practice good oral hygiene and/or pop a breath mint after a garlic heavy meal […]

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